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Trend Report - Fashion Weekly

It’s my Décolleté

By Michelle-Lee Summers 

Your décolleté, it sounds so beautiful, exotic, and a little erotic. Your décolleté is the bit between your collar bone and the start of your breast. Often forgotten by stylistsfashion bloggers andfashion journalists alike, the 'Décolleté' is one of.....


Fashion Weekly - Spring Summer Wardrobe

By Michelle-Lee Summers

Clear out the old and bring on the new, it's a new season (please someone tell Melbourne) and it's time for a fashion event the 'wardrobemakeover'. Fashion and you have a date, so pull out your spring summer wardrobe and take a look....



We Speak Style 

Finally The Answer To “Will My Bum Look Big In These Jeans?”

By Michelle-Lee Summers

What makes an ass look incredible in jeans? A good bum to start with helps (lots of squats), but when it comes to jeans we have found there are three very specific elements that can make or break your booty....

Ruby Radar

Ruby Radar

Interview by Alina of Michelle-Lee Summers

Recently, I sat down with fashion blogger and on-line shopping expert Michelle Lee-Summers to get over my on-line shopping phobia once and for all – the pricing, the sizing and how to get the look and feel right every time. Here is what she had to say to alleviate my fears…




Three Pillars Of Online Shopping

by Michelle-Lee Summers 

Who recalls this scenario: You have a big event at work and you need to look amazing. So you nip down to your local department store in your lunch break…