About Us


Retail Gatekeeper is an online platform that facilitates lifestyle shopping. We have created the online shopping centre of the future where users can have fun, dream, be inspired, plan for their life and shop. 

At RetailGatekeeper.com we see things differently.

People do not shop isolated from the life they lead, they shop based on their lives - building a new house, getting married, having children, their interests and hobbies, caring about the environment or with a particular view on health and fitness.

Instead of just rushing shoppers to click the ‘buy now’ button with the inevitable focus on price, more often than not at the expense of quality and service, we are building a platform that merges your lifestyle and dreams with the products and services you desire - so you can plan your wedding or that trip to Europe, be inspired and organise yourself with quality products and services and, above all, enjoy the experience!

We want to create a place you will love to be and hang out, where you can have fun, dream, be inspired, create and plan for your life.

Design your life @Retailgatekeeper.com

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