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At we believe in a fair go for all online shops and online shoppers. We are bringing together the BEST not the biggest online retailers from every category and together we are going to make it big.

In our search for the BEST online retailers, we have found that small to medium-size online retailers are finding it hard to be seen online, and are fighting against the huge budgets of the large online retailers.

It’s time to level the playing field and get the customers you deserve, it’s time to change Online Retail.


So how do we do this? If we are going to change how online shopping works we need to understand the problems. We understand them from the shops' point view, but what about the online shopper? Let’s start with HOW shoppers shop online. The average online shopper will consult 10.5 sources of information before they buy. What are they consulting? We know this process includes looking for product information and deal sites, finding online shops and reviews of online shops and products, and consulting blogs

Think about a shopper buying a pair of runners for marathon running and the path they might follow to make their purchase:

  • The first question would be: What types of runners should I get, and what features should I be looking for?
  • Then the shopper might be looking for what brands have those features?
  • They might look for product reviews on those brands
  • Then they would try to find online shops that stocks those particular runners
  • They will look for reviews of those online shops
  • They will look for pricing information
  • Finally, they might make the decision to buy

For each of these stages shoppers will consult multiple sources - exhausting isn’t it! This whole process is annoying for the shoppers and hard for the shop.


What to do about it?

As shops you could try and chase shoppers around the different sources, but that’s a bit like a cat and mouse game.

Why don’t we overhaul the whole system to make it easier for both online shoppers and online retailers

This is what does. We are the first online shopping centre and we take the whole online shopping process and put it in one place! Online shoppers have access to all the high quality decision making information they need, including fact sheets, product reviews, blogs, deals, video content, their own customisable online shopping environment MyShop and the best online shops on the internet!

So that’s fantastic for the online shoppers, but how does it help the online shops? By listing on we will assess your online shop to ensure quality and share our feedback and results with you. You will have the chance to improve anything if needed and then your online shop will be awarded a  Gold, Silver or Bronze certification. We also create a feature testimonial video for your online shop!


Get active on

Now all you have to do is get active on

Remember how online shoppers shop, they are looking for information that helps them make a decision, the more information your provide the more online shoppers your shop will see. Shoppers reward shops that provide high quality decision making material and everything on the platform is reviewed by gatekeeper before its posted to ensure the highest standard. Post Deals, Facts, Product Reviews and get involved in the community.


How we get online shoppers

Now we understand how shoppers are going to get to your shop once they reach, but how are we going to get the shoppers in the first place.

We have created a unique marketing strategy called Certified Affinity marketing, so what is it?

Affinity marketing is when partners come together to attract the same thing – in our case online shops and are both trying to attract online shoppers


What does this mean and why

Affinity marketing allows us to come together as a group and find online shoppers, we access economies of scale by tapping into joint resources levelling the playing field with the BIG online retailers.

We take this one step further with our Certified Affinity Marketing.

We assess every online shop that joins to ensure quality.  Only certified shops can participate.


Retail Gatekeeper is an online shopping Centre, but we can also be described as a Marketing platform for online retailers.

Certified Affinity Marketing Program is a program, which will allow your online store to be seen, heard and known as a reputable online business.

To attract online shoppers this program involves:

Pooling of Funds for Marketing Purposes

So - What is your current budget for marketing? And what if you could scale it’s effectiveness by a hundred times without increasing your budget? 

What we do is pool all of our online shop’s marketing funds, and market as a collective body. This means your marketing budget stretches that much further.


Search Engine Optimisation Strategy

To be effective in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) you need to do the basics well.

Gatekeeper was built from the ground up with Search Engine Optimisation in mind.

This means:

•             Using responsive website technology,

•             Large quantities of quality optimised content created by experts, members and shops,

•             Complementary links between quality online shops and Gatekeeper,

•             Active and relevant video content,

•             Comprehensive and adaptive keyword plan.

Trade Shows: We will host regular trade and fashion shows in major cities. And of course, your shop will be invited to show off your products!

We will attract publicity from TV, Radio, Print and online media.

Online Shopper Engagement: We have developed a loyalty plan that will excite online shoppers with prizes and a points system. We will engage online shoppers with excellent shopping guides and a large range of quality online shops and deals.

Organic Social Media: We offer complete social integration with Facebook, Twitter and You tube.  Our users will be encouraged to share, comment, pin, like, recommend and tweet content throughout their experience.

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