Why has my Facebook reach gone down?

Have you recently found that your Facebook reach has dropped dramatically?
Thinking of boosting your posts? Don't...  Boosting your posts is one of the best ways to waste money from your marketing budget.


In this day and age, there are three inevitable things that we must accept: aging, taxes and the constant advancements in technology.

Every topic relating to social media is time sensitive as it usually moves faster than we can handle. Because of this, everything that you read in this article could potentially be irrelevant in 6 months’ time, however right now, it could be everything you need to know to get the best results out of your business’ Facebook page.

The predominant role of the News Feed on Facebook is to deliver the right content to the right people and at the right time.
Facebook has admitted that they ideally want people to see the posts that they want in the order that they want to read them, but they have also accepted that their current process is not perfect.

On average, there are roughly 1,500 stories that each individual could see when they refresh their homepage. These vary from a friend’s relationship status update to funny cat video.
By allowing users to decide what they want to see through the art of feedback and engagement patterns, Facebook is able to learn what it is that each user wants to see more of.
This means that if an individual likes or comments on something, Facebook will assure that they continue to see more posts from the particular person or company. In contrast, if they hide something, the News Feed will automatically show less of that content down the track.
This system gives Facebook the chance to prioritize the 1,500 stories down to about 300 relevant ones.

For this process to work, Facebook decided that it’s only fair that each individual has the chance to see most of the topics in the first place. So if you log on in the morning and don’t scroll down far enough to see a friend’s post, Facebook will ensure that the post is higher up on your news feed the next time you log in.
This change to the algorithm means that each person or company’s post is more likely to be seen by as many people as possible.


Now if it isn’t obvious enough, basically what all of the above states is that likes and comments are golden on Facebook.

If people like your posts, they’ll continue to see them, however if they’re not liking them in the first place, they won’t be seeing them for much longer. It really is a brutal cycle.

To be fair, the process doesn’t assist you when your page is down. The cycle itself seems to benefit those that don’t really need it, and make things only more difficult to those who need a helping hand.
So what can you do to ensure that your engagement goes up?

Boosting Posts

The turning point for Facebook was the day Zuckerberg allowed people to throw him money for a boosted post in return. This is one of the critical errors that many business Facebook page managers make. While boosting your posts may result in more likes, they do not actually help your page progress in any way. In fact, they do quite the opposite.

Boosting your posts will help you gain ‘synthetic’ likes but they will not be from the people that matter to you. You may find that all of your new likers are from a foreign country, or people that will take no interest in your product or service.
The most important thing when growing your page is to ensure that your likes come organically from the people that will be likely to purchase from your company as a result.

If we could target our posts manually so that they reach who we want, when we want, we would all have a million followers. So Facebook has not allowed this, however there are particular ways to gain an element of control in where your posts go. (link to article on Ads Manager and Power Editor)

So regardless of your number of followers, try to post articles that will get people commenting, or perhaps tagging their friends. Organize competitions with prizes, post videos (Refer to our article relating to videos: the most engaging material on Facebook).


Remember that engagement is the key to success on Facebook.
Do not take shortcuts! And remember that every ‘like’ and ‘comment’ is a step in the right direction, and only you can choose which direction you head.


Best Practices…

  • This information is relevant NOW.
  • News Feed’s job: Deliver the right content to the right people at the right time!
  • You like it – You’ll see more of it in the future.
  • You miss it – You get a second chance.
  • Engagement is the key!
  • We can’t target our posts, but we can try.