Retail Gatekeeper FAQ

What is Retail Gatekeeper?

Retail Gatekeeper is an online platform that facilitates lifestyle shopping. We have created the online shopping centre of the future where users can have fun, dream, be inspired, plan for their life and shop. 

At we see things differently.

People do not shop isolated from the life they lead, they shop based on their lives - building a new house, getting married, having children, creating a beautiful sculpture or painting, caring about the environment or with a particular view on health and fitness.

Instead of just rushing shoppers to click the ‘buy now’ button with the inevitable focus on price, more often than not at the expense of quality and service, we are building a platform that merges your lifestyle and dreams with the products and services you desire - so you can plan your wedding or that trip to Europe, be inspired and organise yourself with quality products and services and, above all, enjoy the experience!

We want to create a place you will love to be and hang out, where you can have fun, dream, be inspired, create and plan for your life.

Design your life

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Why Retail Gatekeeper?

Where everyone else in the industry is focused on the ‘price’ and the ‘product’, at we are unique in that we are not focused on just the price or the product. We are more interested in how shopping integrates into people’s everyday lives. If we can help people do this more effectively we will become the home of online shopping.

We see the industry differently and want to amalgamate inspiration, information, notes, planning, shops and products in one place. Shoppers can do anything from plan their wedding, a trip to Europe, or what they want to wear on Saturday night.

What can Retail Gatekeeper do for an online shopper?

At we understand that shopping is a reflection of your life and not the other way around. We have built our platform based on this premise. On our platform you can:

  1. Plan and design your life, including your wedding, your next holiday or what you are going to wear on Saturday night.
  2. Browse, consume, take notes and collect all the information, inspiration, products, shops, reviews, blogs, deals and so much more without moving off a single page.
  3. Shop with trusted shops that have been put through our stringent audit procedure.
  4. Create a profile, generate a following and engage in the online community by commenting on other lists. Shop-posted content such as deals, fact product reviews and blogs can be amalgamated into member lists as another way of promoting products online.

How does Retail Gatekeeper assess “safe shopping”? has a stringent audit procedure that every online shop has to go through before being listed on You can view a shop’s audit results on their shop pages.

Full audit methodology can be seen here.

Retail Gatekeeper’s audit methodology has been formulated from the advice and guidelines gleaned from numerous experts, consumer regulatory and advocacy agencies in USA, UK, Australia, Canada, South Africa and New Zealand. Our methodology is also the outcome of years of research by Retail Gatekeeper.

We have divided our audit assessment into 5 categories and weighted the categories as follows:

Business Transparency  30%
Consumer Protection 20%
Customer Service 30%
Value & Quality 10%

What can Retail Gatekeeper do for online shops / retailers?


Is your online shop finding it hard to be seen online? Fighting against companies with HUGE marketing budgets?

  • Turbo charge your marketing
  • Revolutionising the online shopping experience
  • Put your shop on the map
  • Join our CAM Strategy (Certified Affinity Marketing)  

It’s time to level the playing field with big online retailers are drowning out the small to medium stores by flooding the markets with huge marketing budgets, pushing the costs of both online and offline marketing through the roof. For small to medium retailers who are dissatisfied with the status quo welcome to the world’s first online shopping marketing platform for shops.

What is Certified Affinity Marketing (CAM)?

 Affinity marketing in an e-commerce sense is when partners genuinely have a common affinity to attract customers, with the purpose of increasing website visibility, website traffic and boosting sales. In addition, partners join together in providing prospective customers with a range of attractive benefits.

Certified Affinity Marketing (CAM) in e-commerce is where partners are independently certified as safe, specialized, secure and skilled at what they do. The accreditation is necessary due to the high prevalence of internet fraud and online scams.

GK provides online shops a framework to market their online shops to GK members and interested online shoppers. This framework involves:

  • Joint Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy and framework.
  • Paid and Free Promotions and Publicity
  • Organic social media
  • Trusted online shop program

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How do online shops become Retail Gatekeeper partners?


Click Become a Partner for a step by step guide to becoming a partner.

How do online shoppers become members?

Click My Shop for a guide to becoming member at Retail Gatekeeper.

Does an online shopper have to become a member to view Retail Gatekeeper secure online shops?

All shopper can access the secure online shops profiled on Retail Gatekeeper. However becoming a member will enrich your shopping experience by customising your shopping environment with ready access to facts, reviews, blogs and deals.

What are Retail Gatekeeper Blogs?

Retail Gatekeeper blogs are created by members, our online shops and by Retail Gatekeeper. They are a great way to find out about topics you are interested, or start the conversation around your topic.

Retail Gatekeeper blogs are a great way to share your passions with the world, carving out an area of the worldwide net for yourself and helping others. Write, upload images and embed YouTube clips! 

Other members can view, comment, add and rate your blog. They can also follow your page so you can generate a following. 

What are Retail Gatekeeper Reviews?

Retail Gatekeeper reviews allow you to see what others are saying about different products. This will help you make informed decisions about what to buy before you buy. Members, Retail Gatekeeper shops and Retail Gatekeeper can all create reviews.

We also encourage you to review products that you love, and don’t love! Share your opinion with the world!

What are Retail Gatekeeper Facts?

Retail Gatekeeper Facts are essentially information sheets designed to help you make informed purchases. These are great to check in with before you buy anything online, helping you make the most informed purchasing decision possible!

Create your own facts from your MyShop and share you knowledge with the rest of the Retail Gatekeeper community.

Facts can be created by members, Retail Gatekeeper online shops and Retail Gatekeeper.


What are Retail Gatekeeper Deals?

The Retail Gatekeeper online shops (partners) offer fantastic deals to our members, so any time you are looking for a great deal make sure you check out our shops deals first in the Retail Gatekeeper deals section. 

Shops: How to setup your shop page