How RetailGatekeeper.com got started

RetailGatekeeper.com is a family start-up. Initially the founders, who were early adopters of online shopping, were frustrated when trying to find quality online shops in multiple categories. The initial idea was basically to find and list the best online shops. The next problem was a matter of trust. "Can I trust this online shop with my credit card details, will they deliver what I have bought and what happens if the item does not fit or work". To ensure shops were trustworthy we developed our unique assessment process.

How RetailGatekeeper.com developed 

As the website developed, we began to ask more fundamental questions. How do shoppers shop online? What information is necessary to help them shop? This is how the information component of the site came about. Through extensive research we became aware just how much research online shoppers actually did. The average shopper consults between 9-12 sources of information before purchasing. The higher the value of the product the more information sources shoppers consult. We wanted to put all the information that a shopper would consult in one place and on one website.

Where RetailGatekeeper.com is at today 

Ever motivated to dig deeper we reflected on what we had created and realised that we were still just ‘one’ of the 9-12 online shopping sources that shoppers consulted before purchasing. We wanted to be the ‘home’ of online retail. So we asked ourselves a new question. What motivates online shoppers or any shopper to shop? The answer to this was more fundamental than we ever could have imagined. Shopping is a reflection of peoples’ lives. People shop based on what is going on in their lives, having children, building a new home, getting married, losing weight and so on.

In doing this we have created not just an online shopping mall but an ecosystem of Online shops, Shoppers, Bloggers, Vloggers, Planners, Consultants, Experts and Dreamers - inspiring them and others to live and shop with ease.