Lists Update October 2014

Lists Update

With online shoppers consulting on average  9-12 different sources of information before they purchase, online shopping is still extremely clunky, confusing and messy. to this point, has been designed to provide information on safe and functional online shopping. We were just one of the ‘9-12’ sources. At we want to become the ‘home’ of online shopping as LinkedIn is for business, and facebook is for social interaction. The lists update is designed to move us from just one of the ‘9-12’ sources to becoming the ‘home’ of online shopping.

This is done by providing users the ability to create and  aggregate the best information throughout the internet in one place and allow our website to effectively be THE source of information in any topic - simply. There are any great informational websites out there that offer specialised advice for shopping for a particular purpose.

This update will allow shoppers to collect this information, organise and summarise what is most relevant and important to them in their shopping decisions. In other words, online shoppers can consume all 9-12 sources of information without moving off one website -

With the emergence of ‘micro’ blogging on the internet it is clear that while users want to share knowledge and experiences, they don’t want to write or read long and intensive information - they prefer a  note taking style accompanied by images, links and videos that is quick to create and simple  to consume.

This is exactly what the list section allows. Aggregator of links, videos, images from across the web with notes of the most relevant and important parts of those information sources.

Shoppers will be able to scroll through our website and consume, collect, take notes and customise their own shopping lists. Lists has been designed to work smoothly and to do anything from planning your wedding, a trip to Europe or something as mundane as purchasing a computer.

Highly engaged users can take pride in the lists they create, sharing them with other users on the platform or keeping them private. Users can be practical, plan, learn, and dream all at the same time.

Additionally, members can generate a following, create a proļ¬le, engage in the community commenting on other lists. Online Shops content such as deals, fact product reviews and blogs will be amalgamated into member lists promoting their online shop.