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Understanding where fits

As this illustration demonstrates the industry is quite segmented and no one is currently amalgamating all the different areas. This is what does. We bring together all three elements in one place. We are not a replacement for any of the elements but an efficient aggregator and summary of them.



Letter from Founder and Managing Director Michelle-Lee

ROI, click bait, conversion, convert, convert, convert… In online retailers haste to get customers to click the buy now button, they are missing the point. 

When your shoppers purchase, there is more at play than just a mere purchase. They are taking action on a vision, of who they want to be, what they want to look like, how they want to live, or what they want to experience. Buying something is more fundamental to who we are than we realise. Whether you are conscious of it or not, we rarely make a purchase that isn’t filtered through our value system. As a woman I love to shop for clothing, and when I shop I am looking for something specific.  Even though I might not know what exactly that specific thing is, I know how I want to look, what I want to project and how I want to feel. As I am browsing, I am trying to find a match to this intrinsic sense. The more I find that which matches what I want, the more I am willing to pay for it.

If you look at why platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are so successful, you realise it’s because they understand the deeper drive and desires people have. While others were focused on ‘what’ platforms people were using to interact, Facebook focused on HOW people interact and built a platform to reflect that. This is what we are doing at We understand that people don’t shop in isolation to their lives, they shop based on what is going on in our lives - building a new house, getting married, having children, caring about the environment or with a particular view on health and fitness. If we create a place where shoppers can plan, dream, be inspired, hang out and have fun - shopping will come. 

Online retail is yet to move beyond the “being cheap” option. The current focus on price puts online retailers in a race to the bottom where the cheapest and often nastiest option wins out! Price comparison sites and the like, just exacerbate the problem since the focus is on price and not value. This system serves no one, least of all the online shoppers and retailers. As an industry we need to get past being seen as just a cheap option. We need to use technology to help shoppers integrate their online shopping into their lives. It’s time to focus on convenience and value and stop cutting each other’s throats with price. 

At we see things differently. Instead of trying to get shoppers to click the ‘buy now’ button and the inevitable focus on price and race to the bottom, we are building a platform that merges your lifestyle and dreams with the products and services you desire - so you can plan your wedding or that trip to Europe, get inspired, and organise yourself with quality products and services.

We want to create a place you will love to be and hang out, where you can have fun, dream, be inspired, create and plan for your life.

Design your life
- Simply Shop

Kind Regards,

Michelle-Lee Summers

Founder & Managing Director



What is

Retail Gatekeeper is an online platform that facilitates lifestyle shopping. We have created the online shopping centre of the future where users can have fun, dream, be inspired, plan for their life and shop.

How will we challenge the status quo?

Everyone in this space is focused on the ‘product’ and the ‘price’ - we see the bigger picture. We are creating a place that allows users to design their whole life online. Using technology we will continue to develop and create unique and original ways for members to design their life that ultimately facilitates their shopping. engage with their dream that will ultimately facilitate their shopping online.

Our vision

To be the place there shoppers go to hang out, have fun, dream, be inspired, plan for their life and shop.

Our mission

To facilitate online shopping by creating an environment where shoppers will love to be and hang out, have fun, dream, be inspired, create, plan for their life and shop.

How we go about it?

In order to allow shoppers to deign and plan their lives using our platform we believe that we need to allow them to amalgamate a number of different elements - inspiration (Reference images), information (Links of informative information from our site or across the internet), products and notes.

By pulling all this information into one area and organising it in folders users can plan anything from a trip to Europe, their wedding or what they want to wear on Saturday night. Logo