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  • A rich online presence
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  • Join our CAM Strategy (Certified Affinity Marketing)

(Refer below for detail on CAM)

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  • Free 6 month listing
  • Thereafter - $25.00 per month
  • Optional extra - Audit certification at $5.00 per month.




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What is Retail Gatekeeper and what do you get?

Retail Gatekeeper is an online platform that facilitates lifestyle shopping. We have created the Online Shopping Centre of the future where users can have fun, dream, be inspired, plan for their life and shop.

Research tells us the average shopper consults 10 sources of information before they buy. Retail Gatekeeper provides an attractive platform where you can assist consumers with useful information. This includes:

  • Clear description of your business
  • Multiple images showing the products you sell
  • Videos about your business and products
  • Online publications using our unique Lists and Items technology. These can be used for Look-books, Product or Sales Catalogues, Plans, Dreams, Product information, Designs, Bucket lists and Stories.
  • Fact sheets -  Provides consumers with useful information on your products or services
  • Product reviews - Reviews are heavily relied on by consumers.
  • Deals – Sales always attract shoppers
  • Blogs – Regular communication with your shoppers
  • Full integration with Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
  • My Hub – The place where your customers hang out.
  • Accessing our state of the art green screen and photography studios
  •  (Melbourne area)

All this in one place.

There is no other place that provides your business and customers with such a rich selection of shopping information which consumers are crying out for.

Get on board and Turbo Boost your business.


What is Certified Affinity Marketing (CAM)?


Affinity marketing in an e-commerce sense is when partners genuinely have a common affinity to attract customers, with the purpose of increasing website visibility, website traffic and boosting sales. In addition, partners join together in providing prospective customers with a range of attractive benefits.

Certified Affinity Marketing (CAM) in e-commerce is where partners are independently certified as safe, specialized, secure and skilled at what they do. The accreditation is necessary due to the high prevalence of internet fraud and online scams.

GK provides online shops a framework to market their online shops to GK members and interested online shoppers. This framework involves:

  • Joint Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy and framework.
  • Paid and Free Promotions and Publicity
  • Organic social media
  • Trusted online shop programme


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